Cooking Classes

Learn exciting new ways to introduce health and amazing flavors into your lifestyle with a cooking class with Chef Tara from Her Garden Kitchen!

Let's Get Cooking




Foods For Moods|Tasting event

Restore and balance your moods with foods. Learn and experience with Chef Tara Thomas! 

Arrive to everything cut, measured, etc. Ready for you to cook! 

Complimentary Mocktail elixirs +


Maple Sea salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Enjoy your creations as a community.

Follow a curated gourmet menu of fresh plant-based ingredients. 

Join Me At...

The Weller Society's Mark location from 12:00pm - 3:00pm on April 7th to taste foods that will definitely uplift your mood.

Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes

Have you been wanting to build skills in plant-based, gluten-free, and soy-free cooking! In a private cooking class you can expect a completely personal experience where I teach you essential skills. Depending on if I'm putting on the class or you would like to work on some skills, new recipes, or have build a better relationship with your kitchen I'm here! Every recipe for my classes are organically developed by me in order to make your experience special. Keep an eye out for cooking classes, and or build your dream class with me!

Pricing starts at $80 

Cooperative Cooking Class

The cooperative cooking class experience is a Her Garden Kitchen cooking class concept developed by Chef Tara Thomas. Getting in the kitchen and enjoying good company around a beautifully decorated table with you you created is love itself. I curate a menu, and you follow the steps, I serve, and you indulge! I will be hosting these events, or book your own with friends/family/work mates.

Pricing Upon Request*

Side Note

Health is your luxury and you should invest in it! If you feel that your budget won't align with my services always check in! I want you to gain the values of health in your kitchen!

I'm excited to work with you to cultivate positivity with you!

- Chef Tara Thomas