Bake Sale

For Green Acres Farm Sanctuary

Sea Salt Maple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sea salt maple chocolate chip cookies are a vegan, gluten-free, soy-free treat that is also free of refined sugars and oils. Vegan desserts and especially gluten-free ones tend to stay moist longer than traditional treats; it's really a bummer when a cookie becomes stale. Its flavors are balanced because the maple syrup sweetened cookie is embellished by organic sea salt.

This recipe was originally developed by over the summer when I discovered a bakery in Portland that had closed who sold my all time favorite cookie. The vegan and gluten-free sea salt chocolate chip cookie that I adored was balanced in the flavor, moist, and indulgent which I carried into this recipe.


I had played around with the recipe knowing it was made of an almond flavor, coconut oil, and probably sweetened with traditional sugars. I am not keen to oil, I only use unrefined /virgin coconut oil if so. Baking is the only exception the use for it is easy to control the temperature. I make sure that when I do utilize it in a recipe the temperature does not exceed 350ºF for that is the smoking point of coconut oil. The smoking point is when something becomes carcinogenic to the body. To fit into an unrefined sugar recipe the maple flavor was introduced to sweeten the cookies which turned out to bring out flavors of the 



Not only is this sale an opportunity for me to put my name out there to inform

like-minded individuals of my services, but for me to have experiencing baking for a customer in mind. However I wanted to bake something that represented what Her Garden Kitchen is all about. To concoct and product that was classic with a twist, an ordinary chocolate chip cookie that is allergy friendly, festive, packaged in a memorable way in which to attract future clientele and create recognition.

The bake sale was facilitated by the Green Acres Farm Sanctuary in order to raise money to support the facility. This facility I identifies with my core values to end the mistreatment of species who are farmed for human consumption by creating a sanctuary for rescued animals to live in a positive and fulfilling environment.

The Packaging

Initially I wanted to place 3-4 cookies in a cellophane bag with a ribbon and a decorative tag in which to display my logo and what not. However this idea is physically appealing but it doesn't align with my morals to be fair to the earth. The packaging that I did go with is waste free, and allowed me to display my logo and ingredients list in an aesthetic way. Instead of cellophane and ribbon I compromised for compostable wax pastry bags sealed with a sticker with of the logo. On the back I  created a list of the contents and information regarding the quality of the cookies.

Earth Friendly


The Sale


I didn't take any pictures at the actual event. However the event was exceptional and more than I expected! 
I arrived about an hour after the festivities began and couldn't find any of my donated treats on the table. I assume the cookies had sold out quickly because they are allergen friendly. Being the only allergen-friendly treat allowed me define Her Garden Kitchen as a service that accommodates allergies and healthy lifestyles. I asked those who munching on the cookies on their opinion and the were positive!

Thank you(universe)for the opportunity to donate to such a positive cause and for me to transmit my positive energy and passion into the environment around me!  
Sincerely Tara Thomas from Her Garden Kitchen