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       t Her Garden Kitchen health and wellness can be served up in style. Your health is equally valued to your experience with us. When you decide to transform your event, pantry, or lifestyle to be plant-based; you enrich your experience to value your health and wellness. As a 100% plant-based, health conscious, and earth-friendly service we take as many steps to sustain that. That means that utilizing as many local and organic ingredients, compostable/reuseable serving ware, and more.



Flavor is never sacrificed in our kitchen. The recipes account for the individual values of each ingredient. Flavors are distinguished by the arrangement with other ingredients. The use of any gluten, soy, and refined salt, oils, or sugars does not exist at Her Garden Kitchen.


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A curated menu makes any event special. Whether it be recipes from our menu, or something custom to your event. Her Garden Kitchen is here to serve up health and wellness in style.

Menu's can be designed to compel feelings; refresh, relax, or energize guests. They can be constructed around a product, person, or anything you're showing off. Special diets are taken into consideration whether it's vegan, gf, soy-free, low-FOODMAP, SOS free.


I'm open to new diets and creating dishes around them.




Intimate Gathering

Hors D'houvres


Cocktail Party



Allergy/lifestyle Option 

Date-Night In

A four course romantic meal that consists of a aphrodisiac mocktails, an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Perfect for anyone who wants to experience plant based foods in a luxurious setting...You could even design your own menu with the chef for that special someone.


Natural Pantry

No matter at what point you are on your health journey , it's the right time to decide to give your pantry a healthy makeover. Transition your lifestyle towards high quality health and wellness it's the right time. Whether it be your kitchen at home, workspace, or wherever; let me transform your pantry into a haven of nourishment.


Going all in on healthy living can be intimidating and wasteful to the foods your kitchen is stocked with. 


I will help you find ways to utilize current ingredients and replace in which to develop a pantry for your diet! 


Whether you want a spruce up or a total makeover I got it.



New Containers

new containers


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We welcome you warmly to Her Garden Kitchen. Contact to consult to plan and price out the transformation of your event or lifestyle with Her Garden Kitchen...