Vegan Glass Noodles (Sweet Potato Noodles) Pad Thai (GF, Soy-Free, SOS free)

August 19, 2017


I'm very picky when it comes to Thai food, and especially Pad Thai. I've probably tried every single Thai restaurant in the Portland metro area and 1 or 2 have satisfied me. Siam wins every time and this dish definitely hasn't disappointed me. Pad Thai is not a vegan dish because of the fish sauce, so I've replaced it with coconut aminos and coconut sugar(not a real sugar). 

This dish serves 4 people, and takes 30 minutes to prepare and cook


Sweet Potato Noodle Pad Thai is a classic tangy stir-fried dish made with a Korean noodle twist. This vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, salt, oil, and sugar free welcomes everyone to enjoy a classic Thai dish that is authentic.





6 Tbsp of Water


4 Tbsp of Tamarind Paste


1/3 cup of Coconut Sugar


1/3 cup Coconut Aminos


Stir Fry


2 cups of water for cooking (replace oil)


1 Red Onion Julienned

20 Baby Bok Choy Sliced


4 cloves Garlic


1 bunch of chives sliced Chives


3 Carrots Julienned 


1 Package of Sweet Potato Noodles


1/4 cup of chopped Cilantro


1 cup of Mung Bean Sprouts


1 Lime Wedged to Serve


White Pepper to Serve


1/4 cup of chopped Roasted Unsalted Peanuts








Combine the water, tamarind paste, coconut sugar, and coconut amigos into a medium bowl. Stir the sauce until the sugar is dissolved.


Stir Fry:


Before stir frying prepare sweet potato noodles as directed on the package.


Have water on hand for stir fry, add julienned onions on high heat. After onions begin to start steaming (2 minutes), splash water some water in the skillet/wok in order to catalyze caramelization then stir. You do not want to drown the onions, just allow water to bubble natural oils from the produce so they can be utilized in the cooking process which also spreads the flavors throughout the dish. 


Add 3/4 of the chopped garlic to the skillet and continue to caramelize. Turn down to medium high heat and follow with carrots and bok choy. Cook until vegetables are vibrant with color and tender but not enough to fall a part.


Return to high heat and add prepared sweet potato noodles and sauce. Cook the stir fry and noodles until well combined, and not wet with sauce. Add remaining garlic , stir fry until browned. Toss chives in before serving as well as mung bean sprouts during this step or at the serving.



Plate the stir fry with chopped peanuts, chopped cilantro, lime wedges, white pepper, and mung bean sprouts if they were not added during the stir-fry















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