Vegan Marinara Spaghetti Finished with Peppered Portobello (Gluten-Free, Soy-free, SOS free)

August 21, 2017

The peppered portobello on this pasta mocks the strong texture and flavor that a protein adds to a dish. I topped a home-made marinara sauce made from fresh tomatoes from my garden onto spaghetti with peppered and coconut amino pan fried portobello mushrooms and of course baby bok choy mixed in for those essential vitamins!

This dish serves 4 people, and takes 30 minutes to prepare.


Peppered sliced portobello adds not only spice but a hearty texture to this light and sweet marinara that's mixed with bitter bok choy.This vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, salt, oil, and sugar free and really satisfies.




2 cups of water for cooking (replace oil)

8 oz GF Spaghetti (I used brown rice)


8 cloves of garlic chopped


1 to 1 ½ cups of cherry/ grape tomatoes or any tomatoes on hand


6 oz can off tomato paste


1/4 cup of coconut or almond milk


10 Julienned Baby Boy Choys


3 Sliced Portobello Mushrooms


2 tbsp Coconut Sugar


4 tbsp Parsley


2 tsp Oregano


1/4 cup of Cracked Pepper


1/2 cup of Coconut Aminos




Cook spaghetti as directed on the package and have ready after peppered mushrooms are finished.


Sauce: Have water on hand. On medium heat, brown 2 chopped cloves of garlic. Add a splash of water to catalyze caramelization and stir.


Add tomatoes and cover skillet and occasionally stir to allow tomatoes to wilt. This is the sauce developing. Reduce to medium low heat and cover until tomatoes are easily popped or if skins and insides are separated. If liquid needs to be added, add water. Add some of the oregano at this step.


Stir the 6oz can of tomato sauce into the skillet and coconut and/ or almond milk, and continue to add water until sauce is less pasty and more creamy.


To define the flavor add white wine vinegar, coconut sugar, oregano, and parsley. Stir in bok choy, cover skillet and let flavors immerse in the sauce. Stir occasionally.


Peppered Mushrooms: On high heat add garlic immediately, add water to catalyze 
caramelization and stir. Once water is evaporated, add sliced portobello mushrooms and pour 1/2 of coconut aminos and 1/4 of cracked pepper. Let portobellos fry in ingredients until the coconut aminos seems to have stuck to skillet. Add some water which will bubble and create steam and stir. Add more pepper, and repeat with adding more amino and pepper. Finish by adding some water to instead of more amino and stir fry before it gets stuck. Remove from heat and cover. 


Serve: Add cooked spaghetti to marinara sauce thoroughly. Plate pasta and top with peppered portobello slices, sprinkle with oregano.








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