Vegan Earthy Herbed French Lentil Bolognese Topped with Broiled White Wine Vinegar Tomatoes and Walnuts over Gluten-Free Penne

November 1, 2017


Happy World Vegan Day!


I cook intuitively which means trying not to go to the store when I have a stocked kitchen and utilizing things without having any idea of the end product. It's rewarding and a completely creative zone for me to reach a meditative state whilst being productive.


Initially I was going to throw together a quick lentil bolognese, however it didn't turn out that way. It turned into an earthy bolognese that was quite french with a mediterranean flare served over gluten-free penne. 




It began with soaked french lentils who were boiled while I started the sauté. Onions, garlic, and herbs became aromatic over medium heat in water instead of oil. Pre De Provence, Sage, Thyme, and Oregano evaporated into a sweet yet sultry scent which set the tone for the dish giving it a french flare. A few tomatoes were roughly chopped up and thrown into the mix which introduced acidic flavors, as well as the fact that the total acidity was reduced with the flavors of the herbs, onion, and garlic. After tomatoes became tender from the heat, they were deconstructed with a wooden spoon. 



The lentils were added with cashew milk, sprigs of thyme from the garden, and lots of nutritional yeast! This made the bolognese creamy and settled the acidic flavors. A bit of coconut sugar was added to contrast the overall flavor without disrupting the earthiness. A last minute dose of Dulse was added in which to add a bit of saltiness and it's exceptional nutrient content. As the liquid reduced over time, oil free humus was added which gave it a mediterranean twist with the combination of the herbs used. 


Almost ready to eat...

To top it off sliced tomatoes dressed with white wine vinegar and chopped walnuts was broiled for 5 minutes. This element was a finishing touch which acted decorative yet flavorful with the walnuts for they added another texture to the dish. 


It took 60 minutes to complete this dish, I find that intuitively cooking allows me to be creative and it introduced a profound way to explore a bolognese. 





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